Some miscellanous photos of Kyrgyzstan. The Burana tower is the 24m high remainder of a huge 11th century brick minaret, located 64km southwest of Bishkek near the city of Tokmok. Karakol is a small city on the southwestern end of the Issyk Kul lake. There is not much of interest, except for the Russian church, a mosque and a museum, but the city is a good basis to explore the surroundings (Jeti Öguz valley and Skazka area for instance).
01 Burana tower 02 Burana tower 03 Burana tower 04 Highway to Issyk Kul 05 Price board
06 Petrol station 07 Kyrgyz girl 08 Beach parachute 09 Dungan mosque in Karakol 10 Pear tree
11 Pear tree 12 Apple tree 13 Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity cathedral in Karakol 14 Russian Orthodox church in Karakol 15 Russian church in Karakol
16 Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity cathedral in Karakol 17 Shops in Karakol 18 Shops in Karakol
19 Telecommunications tower 20 Beehives 21 Golden gate 22 Kyrgyz monument
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