Jogyesa Daeungjeon was built in 1938 and was then praised as the finest traditional wooden building of its time. Today it is the representative temple of Korean Buddhism and the Jogye order. The other temples in this photo gallery lie on the Ingwangsan hill overlooking Seoul.
01 Jogyesa Daeungjeon 02 Jogyesa Daeungjeon 03 Jogyesa Daeungjeon 04 Jogyesa Daeungjeon 05 People praying in Jogyesa Daeungjeon
06 Buddhist temple 07 Bell 08 Altar with Buddha statues 09 Altar with Buddha statues 10 Fresco
11 Buddhist temple 12 Buddhist mural painting 13 Altar with Buddha statues 14 Altar with Buddha statues
15 Pavilion 16 Temple gate 17 Roof detail 18 Roof detail
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