This pagoda was built in 634, the third year of Queen Seondeok, and made of andesite cut like brick. Considering the number of stones it might have been a seven or nine storey pagoda. This pagoda, destroyed by the Japanese in 1915, was rebuilt as a three storied pagoda. It has four entrances flanked by a pair of granite pillars bearing two carved granite reliefs of Vajrapani or Ferocious Guardians of Buddhism. At the four corners of the ground stone four stone lions are posted.
01 Main entrance 02 Bunhwangsa temple 03 Bunhwangsa temple 04 Bunhwangsa temple 05 Stone lion guarding the pagoda corners
06 Stone figure 07 Wooden pavilion 08 Standing Yaksayeorae statue 09 Standing Yaksayeorae statue 10 Prayer leaflets hanging from roof
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