These five mounds are presumed to be the tombs of King Pak Hyokkose, the founder of the Shilla kingdom (57 BC - 935 AD); Queen Allyong, his wife; Kings Namhae, Yuri and Pasa, Shilla's second, third and fifth kings. All four kings were of the Pak clan.
The internal structure of the five tombs has not been studied. They are however simple, round mound-type tombs of the early Shilla period found commonly in the Gyeongju area.
01 Coloured roof detail 02 Stone with Korean inscriptions 03 Red gate 04 Red gate 05 Red gate
06 Main gate 07 Main gate 08 Main gate 09 Coloured roof detail 10 Coloured roof detail
11 Trees and tumuli 12 Tumuli 13 Gate
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