Trieste is a city of about 200000 inhabitants on the coast of northeastern Italy. It is located on a strip of Italian territory, only a few km from the border to Slovenia. Trieste has a long history dating back to the second millenium BC. It submitted to Austrian rule in 1382 becoming over the time one of the most important cities, the main port and an important trading hub of the Austro-Hungarian empire. After World War I Trieste passed to Italy. Due to its long and prosperous history Trieste has an impressive historic core centered around Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia and Canale Grande. Here there are countless buildings, most in neoclassical style and most built during the Habsburg period. The San Giusto castle overlooks from the top of a hill the city of Trieste.
01 Facade of Palazzo Modello 02 Unity of Italy square 03 Palazzo Comunale
04 Unity of Italy square 05 Unity of Italy square
06 Palazzo Comunale 07 Palazzo del Governo
08 Unity of Italy square 09 Lamp post 10 Molo Audace pier
11 San Nicolo dei Greci Greek orthodox church 12 San Nicolo dei Greci church 13 Via della Cassa di Risparmio street 14 Chamber of Commerce 15 Building facade
16 Cassa di Risparmio street 17 Central European Initiative building 18 Via Genova street 19 Via Genova street 20 Canale Grande
21 Canale Grande 22 Canale Grande 23 Ponterosso square 24 St Spyridon church dome
25 Gioacchino Rossini waterfront 26 St Antonio Taumaturgo church 27 St Spyridon Serbian Orthodox church 28 St Spyridon Serbian Orthodox church 29 St Spyridon Serbian Orthodox church
30 St Spyridon Serbian Orthodox church 31 Ponchielle street and House of Bisse 32 Building facade 33 White statue 34 St Antonio Nuovo square
35 Neoclassical building facade 36 House of Bisse 37 Carlo Goldoni square
38 Carlo Goldoni square 39 Sandrinelli tunnel and Giganti staircase 40 Silvio Pellico street 41 Park and Montuzza fountain
42 Montuzza fountain 43 San Giusto castle walls 44 Treetop 45 World War II memorial statue 46 World War II monument
47 San Giusto castle 48 San Giusto castle
49 San Giusto castle inner court 50 San Giusto castle
51 Trieste skyline
52 Panoramic view of Trieste
53 Trieste skyline
54 Panoramic view of Trieste
55 Panoramic view of Trieste 56 San Giusto castle inner court
57 Trieste skyline 58 San Giusto castle
59 Trieste skyline
60 San Giusto castle window 61 St Giusto cathedral 62 St Giusto cathedral 63 St Giusto cathedral interior 64 Chandelier 65 St Giusto cathedral
66 Via San Michele park 67 Via San Michele park 68 Via San Michele park 69 St Silvestro basilica
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