Selinunte is an archaeological site on the southern coast of Sicily, not far from the city of Castelvetrano. Here are the ruins of an ancient Greek city, which was founded in 628 BC. After a couple of centuries of prosperity Selinunte was captured and destroyed by the Carthaginians in 409 BC and later occupied by the Romans in 350 BC. After that Selinunte entered a decline phase and was no longer settled. Nowadays the Selinunte site consists of two parts, a set of temple ruins to the east and the ruins of an acropolis to the west. Overall the archaeological site is quite big, although there are only a few structures which are of interest. A shuttle service inside the site brings visitors around for a fee of 12 Euro.
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23 photos of the temple group located on a hill to the east of the acropolis of Selinunte
10 photos of the ruins of the acropolis of Selinunte
6 miscellaneous photos of Selinunte
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