Cefalù is a small city of 14000 inhabitants located on the northern Sicilian coast, 60km east of Palermo. The city is situated on the narrow coastal plane below a rocky promontory, the Rocca di Cefalù. As with many other Sicilian cities, also Cefalu was founded in ancient Greek times and was part of different reigns before being annexed by the Kingdom of Italy in 1860. Cefalù is a popular tourist site which draws large numbers of visitors every year, especially in the summer months. The major sight is the cathedral of Cefalu, whose construction began in 1131 in Norman architecture. Otherwise there is not too much to see in Cefalù although the maze of narrow alleys, the beach and waterfront and the overall setup are picturesque.
01 Cefalu 02 Souvenir shop 03 Stone arches 04 Board with set menu 05 Rocks and sea
06 Rocks and sea 07 Rocky coast 08 Pink algae on rocks 09 Stone house facade 10 Cathedral 11 Cathedral
12 Cathedral tower 13 Statue and cathedral tower 14 Cathedral square with nativity scene 15 Narrow alley with staircase 16 Rock wall
17 Church ruins 18 View of Cefalu from above 19 View of Cefalu from above
20 Cathedral 21 Centre of Cefalu 22 Via Roma street at night 23 Fish for sale in a shop
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