Located in the north of Iran on the slope of the Alborz Mountain, Tehran is the capital of Iran and its largest city, covering an area of 1500 sq. km. The average altitude of Tehran is 1200m, with 700m altitude difference between its lowest and highest points. The wealthier neighbourhoods of Tehran are located in the north at a higher altitude. The history of Tehran dates back to 6000 BC, when the first settlements were established in the area. Over the centuries Tehran used to be a smaller city and only started gaining prominence in 1795 when it was made the capital of Iran by the Qajar king Agha Mohammad Khan. Most old buildings were destroyed in the 1950's and 60's by under the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah, who had them replaced by modern buildings. As a consequence Tehran nowadays is a relatively unattractive city, which despite its 8000 years of history lacks a historic core. From a tourist perspective Tehran is a huge city with quite modern buildings. The climate in Tehran is continental, with hot summers and cold winters.
01 Pond and main hall 02 Decorated lamp 03 Facade with ornamental windows 04 Facade with ornamental windows 05 Facade with ornamental windows
06 Pond and facade 07 Throne 08 Throne detail 09 Decorated French door 10 Colourful pattern on tiles 11 Arch and pillars
12 Colourful pattern on tiles 13 Inner court and building facade 14 Arch with lion pattern 15 Building facade 16 Pillars and ornamental door 17 Ornamental glass door
18 Palace facade 01 Walnuts 02 Dried fruits for sale 03 Pistachios
04 Dried seeds 05 Bags with maize, nuts and lentils 06 Dried figs and fruits 07 Dried figs
08 Walnuts 09 Dried blue flower petals 10 Dried shallot slices 11 Nuts and dried fruits shop 12 Nuts and dried fruits shop
13 Nuts and dried fruits shop 14 Nuts and dried fruits shop 15 Nuts and dried fruits shop 16 Nuts and dried fruits 17 Nuts and dried fruits 18 Pistachios
19 Dried red berries 20 Rose water drink 21 Rose water drink 22 Persian carpet shop 23 Persian carpet
24 Persian carpet 25 Bazaar hall 26 Bazaar hall 27 Bazaar hall 28 Brass mirrors and items shop
29 Brass mirrors and items shop 30 Tea kettles 31 Tea kettle 01 Persian garden
02 Persian garden 03 Persian garden 04 Walkway and lamps 05 Walkway 06 Flowers
07 Pink flowers 08 Pink flowers 09 Pink flowers 10 Stone model of ancient building
11 People sitting at cafe tables 12 People sitting at cafe tables 13 People sitting at cafe tables 14 Cafe and pool 15 Colourful glass wall
16 Colourful glass wall 01 Azadi tower at dusk 02 Azadi tower at dusk 03 Azadi tower at dusk
04 Azadi tower at dusk 05 Azadi tower and fountain 06 Azadi tower and fountain 07 Azadi tower and fountain
08 Azadi tower and fountain 09 Azadi tower and fountain 10 Azadi tower at night 11 Azadi tower at night
12 Azadi tower at night 13 Azadi tower at night 14 Azadi tower at night 15 Azadi tower at night
16 Azadi tower at night 17 Azadi tower at night 18 Azadi tower at night 01 Park bench and monument of the disabled 02 Monument of the disabled
03 Flower pots and Iranian flags 04 Flower pot 05 Young couple on lawn 06 Lawn and trees 07 Lawn and trees
08 Terrace fountain 09 Bust of the poet Hafez 10 Bust of the poet Ferdowsi 11 Mellat park 12 Lawn with flowerbeds
13 Tagetes flowers 14 Mellat park pathway 15 Mellat park 16 Mellat park 17 Lawn and trees
18 Lawn and trees 19 Lawn and trees 20 Mellat park 21 Lawn and trees
22 Lawn and trees 01 Watercolours painter 02 Watercolours painter 03 Main gate
04 Cars of the Shah 05 Cars of the Shah 06 Park with trees 07 Park with trees 08 Park with trees
09 Park with trees 10 Green palace museum 11 Green palace museum 01 Pavement and buildings 02 Pavement and buildings 03 Skyscrapers
04 Lively street 05 People walking on pavement 06 People walking on pavement 07 People walking on pavement 08 Iranian merchants
09 Bazaar alley 10 Bazaar alley
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