The Vakil bazaar (Bazar-e Vakil) lies near the Vakil mosque and is the finest and most famous bazaar of Shiraz. It consists of a series of vaulted brick avenues with courtyards, caravanserais, bath houses, and old shops. The first market was established here in the 11th century, but the current structure dates back to the Zand period. The Vakil bazaar is full of shops selling handicrafts, Persian rugs and carpets, scarves, spices and antiques.
01 Vakil bazaar 02 Vakil bazaar 03 Carpet shop 04 Carpet shop 05 Carpet and handicraft shop 06 Vakil bazaar
07 Vakil bazaar 08 Vakil bazaar 09 Sweets 10 Colourful scarves 11 Scarves shop 12 Colourful fabric shop
13 Fabrics for sale 14 Fabric shop 15 Scarves shop 16 Scarves shop 17 Shop 18 Vakil bazaar
19 Vakil bazaar 20 Inner court with shops 21 Wall decorations shop 22 Wall decorations shop 23 Spices shop
24 Square with pool 25 Saray-e Mehr traditional restaurant 26 Saray-e Mehr traditional restaurant
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