Inside the Apadana palace ruins are many well preserved bas-reliefs. These show scenes of Persian and Median soldiers marching with their weapons, nobles in a procession and dignitaries from all parts of the empire bringing tributes and gifts to the Persian emperor. Most bas-reliefs in the Apadana are remarkably well preserved, showing a lot of detail. They were not damaged following the Arab conquest of Iran, probably because they were covered by layers of stone and sand. The Islamic conquerors destroyed the faces of bas-reliefs and statues, believing these were pagan idols.
01 Persian and Median soldiers 02 Persian soldier bas-relief 03 Median soldier bas-relief 04 Median soldier bas-relief 05 Median soldier bas-relief
06 Lion and bull bas-relief 07 Wall with bas-reliefs
08 Persian soldiers bas-relief 09 Persian soldiers bas-relief 10 African soldiers 11 African soldiers
12 Persian soldiers 13 Persian soldiers 14 Wall with bas-reliefs
15 Tribute bearers with sheep 16 Procession of tribute bearers 17 Procession of tribute bearers 18 Tribute bearer
19 Tribute bearers 20 Persian soldier 21 Tribute bearer 22 Procession of tribute bearers 23 Procession of tribute bearers
24 Fertility symbol 25 Ram sheep 26 Tree bas-relief 27 Persian soldiers bas-relief 28 Persian soldiers bas-relief
29 Persian and Median dignitaries 30 Cuneiform inscriptions 31 Cuneiform inscriptions 32 Cuneiform inscriptions 33 Persian soldiers bas-relief
34 Lion and bull bas-relief
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