Pianemo is a small island located about 60km west of the city of Waisai on Waigeo island. The primary reason to come to Pianemo is the impressive scenery and panorama, because Pianemo is surrounded by a multitude of small islands, islets and rocks emerging from the blue sea. There are two viewpoints, on reachable with a comfortable wooden staircase and another one, more difficult to reach (steep climb on rocks). Pianemo can usually be visited by chartering a boat In Waigeo or elsewhere in Raja Ampat.
01 Jetty 02 Bay 03 Mangroves 04 Plankway 05 Sea rocks at low tide
06 Wooden staircase to viewpoint 07 Wooden staircase to viewpoint 08 View of bays and islets from viewpoint
09 Panoramic view of islands 10 Bay 11 View of bays and islets from viewpoint
12 Bay 13 Rainforest 14 Rainforest 15 Rainforest 16 Shops near jetty
17 Jetty 18 Sea stack 19 View of bays and islets from viewpoint
20 Panoramic view of islands 21 Pianemo island 22 Rocks and bays 23 Rocks and bays
24 Panoramic view of islands 25 Coral bay 26 Bay 27 Coral bay
28 Coral bay 29 Rock path to viewpoint 30 Rock path to viewpoint
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