Located in the centre of southern India, in the heart of the Mysore plateau at an altitude of 920m, Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka and has 6.2 million inhabitants. Its official name is Bengaluru, with Bangalore being the anglicised version of it. Due to its high elevation Bangalore enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, one of the best climates in south Asia. The city was founded in 1537, when Kempe Gowda I built a mud-brick fort and established the site as a province of the imperial Vijayanagara Empire. Nowadays Bangalore is a major economic centre and an important high tech hub, due to the large number of IT, biotech, high tech and manufacturing companies located there. The city of Bangalore itself does not offer too much in terms of tourist attractions. In fact, tourists mainly use Bangalore as a gateway to access the interesting sites in Karnataka and Kerala. Bangalore suffers from its own economic success, as its streets were never built to cope with today's huge amount of traffic.
01 Vidhana Soudha granite building 02 Vidhana Soudha granite building 03 Vidhana Soudha granite building
04 Vidhana Soudha granite building 05 Vidhana Soudha granite building 06 Vidhana Soudha granite building 07 Statue of Jawaharlal Nehru
08 Vidhana Soudha granite building 09 Vidhana Soudha granite building 10 Vikasa Soudha building 11 Vikasa Soudha building
12 Vikasa Soudha building 13 Vikasa Soudha building 14 Attara Kacheri Karnataka High Court
15 Attara Kacheri Karnataka High Court 01 Mota Royal Arcade shopping mall 02 Mota Royal Arcade shopping mall 03 Fruits shop
04 Brigade road and shops 05 Levis outlet in Brigade road 06 Brigade road and shops 07 Brigade road and shops 08 Dockers shop
09 Reebok shop in Brigade road 10 Shops in Brigade road 11 Motorbikes on street 12 Billboards 13 Square with shops
14 Biocon statue 15 Brigade road 16 Monarch hotel and shops in Brigade road 17 St Andrew protestant church
18 St Andrew protestant church 19 Statue of Queen Victoria 20 Street hawker 01 Maharaja statue 02 Maharaja statue
03 Panorama view 04 Meadow and band stand gazebo 05 Band stand gazebo 06 Tree
07 Walkway and trees 08 Pink flower bush 09 Pink flower bush 10 Orange flower
11 Lalbagh lake 12 Lotus pond 13 Stone quarry and Kempe Gowda tower
14 Fruit stall 15 Fruit stall 16 Fruit hawker 17 Glass house 18 Glass house
01 Tipu palace 02 Pillars in Tipu palace 03 Pillars in Tipu palace 04 Pillars in Tipu palace
05 Pillars in Tipu palace 06 Hindu temple 07 Bull temple main entrance 08 Bull temple gift and flowers stall 09 Bull temple gift and flowers stall 10 Bull temple
11 Bull temple 12 Bull temple 13 Bull statue in Bull temple 14 Iskcon Krishna temple 15 Iskcon Krishna temple
16 Iskcon Krishna temple 17 Ashta Lakshmi Hindu temple 18 Ashta Lakshmi Hindu temple 19 Ashta Lakshmi Hindu temple 20 Ashta Lakshmi Hindu temple 21 Ashta Lakshmi Hindu temple
22 Sri Prasanna Hindu temple 23 Sri Prasanna Hindu temple 24 Sri Prasanna Hindu temple 25 God statue in Sri Prasanna temple
01 Bangalore skyline 02 Bangalore skyline
03 Bangalore skyline 04 Bangalore skyline
05 Office towers and malls 06 Skyline 01 Bangalore airport arrivals hall 02 Bangalore airport arrivals hall 03 Bangalore airport
04 Barton centre 05 Family on motorbike 06 Family on motorbike 07 Auto rickshaw 08 Traffic in Bangalore
09 Street 10 Cricket field and players 11 Cricket field and players 12 Auto rickshaw
13 Indian cinema 14 Thanisandra Main road 15 Fast food restaurants 16 Airport motorway 17 Airport motorway
18 Airport motorway 19 Airport control tower 20 Airport arrivals area 21 Airport hall
22 Passengers queueing up at Jet Airways plane 01 Bangalore Central shopping mall at dusk 02 Bangalore Central shopping mall at dusk 03 Bangalore Central shopping mall at dusk 04 Bangalore Central shopping mall at dusk
05 Illuminated office building at night 06 UB City shopping mall at night 07 UB City shopping mall at night 08 UB City shopping mall at night 09 UB City shopping mall at night
10 Cafe and shops at night 11 Cafe and shops at night
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