Egypt has almost 2000km of coast along the Red Sea, from the Sinai peninsula in the north to the Sudanese border in the south. Due to the mild temperatures of the water, coral grows all year round even in the northernmost parts of the Red Sea. The Red Sea coast attracts a large number of tourists who come here to relax and dive in the pristine waters. Major tourist centres are in the Sinai around Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh and around Hurghada and Safaga.
01 Nuweiba harbour 02 Coast guard ship 03 Ferry anchored in Nuweiba harbour 04 Harbour and mountains
05 Sea and Sinai mountains 06 Nuweiba and Sinai mountains 07 Trucks parked in the harbour 01 Beach with parasols
02 Beach with parasols 03 Beach with parasols 04 Coastline with floating jetty
05 Beach and floating jetty 06 Palms 07 Palms 08 Beach with parasols and palms
09 Beach with parasols 10 Crystal clear seawater 11 Rocky coast and staricase 12 Crystal clear seawater
13 Crystal clear seawater 14 Crystal clear seawater 15 Rocks along the coast 16 Flight 604 plane crash memorial
17 Crystal clear seawater 01 Chinese restaurant at night 02 Chinese restaurant tables 03 Pedestrian area at night 04 Electronics shop
05 Pedestrian area at night 06 Columnade at night 07 Naama Center mall 08 Naama bay pedestrian area
09 Naama bay pedestrian area 10 Tourist shop 11 Herbs and spices shop 12 Clothes shop 13 Pharmacy selling steroides
14 Naama bay beach at dusk 15 Restaurants in the evening 16 Restaurants in the evening
01 Marriott hotel and beach 02 Red sea beach at sunset 03 Bridge to the island bar 04 Yachts in the Red Sea
05 Palm trees and sky 06 Palm trees 07 Red sea sunset 08 Sea water in Sigala 09 Sea water in Sigala
10 Red Sea beach at sunset 11 Street and unfinished buildings 12 Back street in Sigala 13 Main street in Sigala
14 Main street in Sigala
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