The centre of Qingdao is a mix of old and new architecture. While there are several skyscrapers, the Chinese have been careful to preserve the cultural heritage of the city, unlike in many other Chinese cities where old buildings and structures have been razed to the ground to make place for new buildings. Qingdao retains its German cultural heritage and is home to the Tsingtao brewery.
01 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan Lu street 02 Skyscrapers on Zhongshan Lu street 03 Skyscrapers and beach 04 Skyscrapers 05 Skyscrapers 06 Bestejahre restaurant
07 Bestejahre restaurant 08 Blue skyscraper 09 Playing Xiangqi Chinese chess 10 Playing Xiangqi Chinese chess 11 Green Tsingtao beer bottle and glass 12 Green Tsingtao beer bottle
13 Vegetables night market 14 Vegetables night market 15 Zhongshan commercial centre 16 Colonial building at night
17 Hotel building at night
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