Qingdao was founded in 1897 by the Germans who turned the city into a strategically important port, basing their Pacific Squadron there. The German Imperial government planned and built the first streets and buildings, and set up the famous Tsingtao brewery in 1903. The Germans held the city until World War I, when Japan occupied the city. Qingdao today has many well-preserved colonial buildings.
01 Protestant church clock tower 02 Protestant church clock tower 03 Protestant church 04 Half-timbered house 05 Half-timbered house
06 Post office 07 Catholic church 08 Catholic church spires 09 Railway station square
10 Railway station 11 Railway station clock tower 12 Huashi Lou villa 13 Huashi Lou villa 14 Ying Binguan building
15 Interior of Ying Binguan 16 Interior of Ying Binguan
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