The former island of Taipa has recently been merged with Macau and Coloane by means of land reclamation. In its northern part starts the casino area of Macau. Here the Venetian casino and hotel has been inaugurated and construction of other hotels and casinos was ongoing in November 2007. In its southern end Taipa retains its cultural heritage with charming colonial neighbourhoods and a number of historic sites and temples. At the southern end of Taipa lies the Macanese houses museum, which shows how wealthy Macanese families used to live
01 Correia da Silva street 02 Correia da Silva street 03 Tin Hau temple 04 Tin Hau temple 05 Tin Hau temple
06 Incense spirals in Tin Hau temple 07 Altar in Tin Hau temple 08 Altar in Tin Hau temple 09 Macau foundation memorial
10 Municipal building 11 Colonial era buildings and Chinese temple 12 Square with gazebo
13 Alley with shops 14 Largo Camoes square 15 Our Lady of Carmel church 16 Taipa library
17 Macanese colonial era houses 18 Macanese colonial era house - living room 19 Macanese colonial era house - kitchen 20 Macanese colonial era house - living room 21 Macanese colonial era houses
22 Macanese colonial era houses 23 Bench
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