Gansu, a Chinese province with an area of 454,000 sq km and a population of approximately 25 million inhabitants, lies between Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang and contains part of the Gobi Desert around Dunhuang. Its capital is Lanzhou, located in the southeast part of Gansu.
Situated along the Silk Road, Gansu was an economically important province, and a cultural transmission path as well. Its frequent earthquakes, droughts and famines have tended to slow its economic progress, until recently when based on its abundant mineral resources it has begun developing into a vital industrial center. Agricultural production includes cotton, linseed oil, maize, melons, millet, and wheat.
Dunhuang photo gallery  - 71 pictures of Dunhuang
71 photos of Dunhuang, a clean oasis city in the Gobi desert
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