Sarajevo is the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has 280000 inhabitants and is located in the centre-south of the country, on the banks of the Miljacka river, in a valley surrounded by high mountains (over 2000m high). Sarajevo is a pleasant city with a very interesting and rich cultural and historical background, as it ia home to three main ethnic groups (the Bosniaks, the Serbs and the Croats). The city has been rebuilt after the destruction of the 1992-95 siege of Sarajevo and the streets and buildings are nowadays clean and in a good shape. There is a cable car connecting Sarajevo with Mt Trebevic at 1627m. Especially the historic core of Sarajevo (the Bascarsija Turkish bazaar area) is very touristy with countless shops and restaurants.
How to get to Sarajevo
Sarajevo is connected with the European motorway and railway networks and has an own international airport.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Ali Pasha mosque 02 Bascarsija old bazaar 03 Raiffeisen bank 04 Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos 05 Ferhadija pedestrian area
06 Mula Mustafe Baseskije street 07 Sacred heart cathedral 08 Sacred heart cathedral and square 09 Ali Pasha mosque at night 10 Ali Pasha mosque at night
11 Ali Pasha mosque inner court 12 Ali Pasha mosque at night 13 Ali Pasha mosque at night 14 Ali Pasha mosque inner court 15 Bascarsija old bazaar
16 Bascarsija square at dusk 17 Sebilj wooden fountain 18 Cablecar to Mt Trebevic 19 Cablecar to Mt Trebevic
20 Panoramic view of Sarajevo 21 Mt Trebevic 22 Cablecar to Mt Trebevic 23 Cablecar to Mt Trebevic
24 Mt Trebevic 25 Young family on Mt Trebevic 26 Panoramic view of Sarajevo
27 Muslim cemetery 28 Vidikovac cablecar station 29 Townhall
30 Town hall 31 Townhall 32 Sehercehaja bridge 33 Townhall
34 Bascarsija old bazaar 35 Bascarsija old bazaar 36 Gazi Husrev bey museum
37 Gazi Husrev bey museum 38 Gazi Husrev Beg bazaar 39 Ferhadija street 40 Sacred heart cathedral 41 Sacred heart cathedral
42 Sacred heart cathedral 43 Sacred heart cathedral and square 44 Ferhadija street 45 Ferhadija street
46 City market of healthy food 47 Ferhadija street 48 Eternal flame monument 49 Eternal flame monument 50 Central bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
51 BBI Centar shopping mall 52 Pedestrian area And BBI Centar mall 53 Memorial fountain to the 1992-95 Sarajevo siege
54 Veliki park 55 Open air market 56 BBI Centar shopping mall
57 BBI Centar shopping mall 58 Pedestrian area 59 BBI Centar mall interior 60 BBI Centar mall interior 61 Academy of fine arts
62 National theatre 63 Red bus and cathedral of the Nativity 64 Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos
65 Shopping complex on Miljacka river 66 Bakr Babina mosque 67 Sehercehaja bridge
68 Sehercehaja bridge 69 Sarajevo museum 70 Emperor mosque
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