The Cao Dai Great temple is located 5km east of Tay Ninh, a city in southern Vietnam. The temple was built between 1933 and 1955 and incorporates architectural elements of a western church and an oriental temple, in a colourful and extravagant rococo-like style. Caodaism is a syncretic religion founded in 1926 by Ngo Van Chieu, which combines teachings of the major world religions. The temple is very photogenic and receives a large number of tourists every year.
01 Cao Dai great temple facade 02 Cao Dai great temple 03 Cao Dai great temple 04 Temple towers 05 Cao Dai great temple
06 Cao Dai great temple 07 Central tower - Cao Dai temple 08 Rear tower - Cao Dai temple 09 Temple towers
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