The main reason to visit Chernivtsi, a city of 265000 inhabitants in the west of Ukraine, not far from the Carpathian mountain range, is the Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans building which now is part of the Chernivtsi university. The residence, which was built between 1864 and 1882 based on a design of the Czech architect Josef Hlavka, has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2011. The set of buildings and the garden are impressive and extremely photogenic.
Chernivtsi has a long history, even dating back to the Neolithic period, but most buildings which are visible today date back to the Habsburg period after 1775, when Chernivtsi became the capital of the Bukovina province. The city has a pleasant centre with a pedestrian area with shops, cafes and a number of churches and other interesting buildings.
How to get to Chernivtsi
Chernivtsi even has an own airport, but only with flights to Kiev. Otherwise it is possible to reach Chernivtsi by train or by car.
There is a large number of hotels and other accomodation options in Chernivtsi, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 University building with stepped gable 02 University clock tower 03 University stepped gable 04 Three Hierarchs church 05 Three Hierarchs church 06 University building roof
07 University stepped gable 08 Chernivtsi university 09 Chernivtsi university St John church 10 University stepped gable 11 Chernivtsi university 12 University building with stepped gable
13 University clock tower 14 University clock tower 15 University clock tower 16 Chernivtsi university 17 Chernivtsi university St John church 18 Chernivtsi university
19 University roof detail 20 Chernivtsi university 21 University clock tower 22 University clock tower 23 Chernivtsi university
24 Chernivtsi cinema 25 Olha-Kobylianska theatre 26 Buildings on Ivana Franka street 27 Women in traditional dress 28 Building on Kobylyanska pedestrian area
29 Building on Kobylyanska pedestrian area 30 Central square 31 Kobylyanska pedestrian area 32 Building on Kobylyanska pedestrian area
33 Building on Kobylyanska pedestrian area 34 Statue of woman with clothes 35 Kobylyanska pedestrian area 36 Kobylyanska pedestrian area 37 Ancient Greek soldier 38 Palace of ceremonial events
39 Palace of ceremonial events 40 Holy Spirit Orthodox cathedral 41 Holy Spirit Orthodox cathedral 42 Holy Spirit Orthodox cathedral 43 Holy Spirit Orthodox cathedral 44 Kobylyanska pedestrian area
45 Kobylyanska pedestrian area 46 Kobylyanska pedestrian area 47 Kobylyanska pedestrian area 48 Kobylyanska pedestrian area 49 Neo-classical facade
50 Town hall square 51 Town hall 52 Town hall
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