The Liwa oasis is a very large oasis, extending like an arc spanning 150km from west to east and lying 160km southwest of Abu Dhabi, bordering the Arabian desert in the south. In the oasis there are endless plantations of date palms and small villages. The main access point to the Liwa oasis is the village of Mezaira'a, which can be comfortably reached from the coast by driving on a motorway. Mezaira'a itself is hardly interesting and offers very limited Accommodation (the number of hotels can be counted on the fingers of one hand). What is more interesting is the desert scenery south of Mezaira'a, which consists of a sea of sand dunes. Tal Mireb (also known as Moreeb hill) is a desert site surrounded by dunes, where one of the tallest sand dunes is located. Tal Mireb is a major sand dune motor sports centre.
01 Bushes and sand dunes
02 Palm trees oasis
03 Palm trees oasis
04 Road to Hamim 05 Palm trees oasis
06 Road to Hamim 07 Road to Hamim 08 Telecommunications towers
09 Road to Tal Mireb and sand dunes 10 Desert vegetation and sand dunes
11 Sand dunes and road to Tal Mireb
12 Road to Tal Mireb 13 Orange sand and white stones 14 Adnoc petrol station at night
01 Sand dunes 02 Ripple patterns in sand 03 Running on the sand dunes
04 Girl walking on sand dunes 05 Girl walking on sand dunes 06 Ripple patterns in sand 07 Girl walking on sand dunes
08 Ripple patterns in sand 09 Sand dunes 10 Rub al Khali sand dunes
11 Sand dunes
12 Tal Mireb sand dunes 13 Ripple patterns in sand
14 Sand dunes 15 Rub al Khali sand dunes
16 Sand dunes 17 Ripple patterns in sand 18 Ripple patterns in sand
01 Tal Mireb desert camp
02 Moreeb dune and visitor facilities 03 Mosque and visitor facilities
04 Dune buggy 05 Sandrail
06 Moreeb dune 07 Mosque and registration centre
08 Visitor facilities 09 Moreeb dune 10 Motorbikes on Moreeb dune
11 Sandrails on top of Moreeb dune 12 Emiratis resting with 4WD car 13 Sandrail and off-road car 14 Off-road car on sand dune
15 Motorbike on Moreeb dune 16 Pickup truck driving on sand dune 17 Sandrail driving on sand dune 18 Dune buggy
19 Off-road car on sand dune 20 Tal Mireb desert camp
21 Tal Mireb desert camp 22 Dune buggy
23 Sandrail driving on sand dune 24 Car race in the desert 25 Sandrail driving on sand dune 26 Sandrail driving on sand dune
27 Sandrail 28 Tent camp 29 Paramotor in flight 30 Powered paraglider
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