Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and of the homonym emirate. The city is located on an island with a triangular shape, 16 km lomng and 10km wide its widest point, very close to the mainland. Abu Dhabi has 921000 inhabitants and is a very modern city, with practically no historic core worth mentioning (the city was a simple fishing village a few decaedes ago). It's essentially a collection of modern buildings and skyscrapers, with wide, multiple lane streets laid out in a grid pattern. It's one of the greener cities in the United Arab Emirates, as it contains many parks and other green areas. Except for the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque, Abu Dhabi has no tourist attractions worth mentioning. At the northwestern end there is a nice Corniche road with a pleasant waterfront promenade and beaches. A number of museum are currently being built on Saadiyat island, adjacent to Abu Dhabi. The skyline of Abu Dhabi is still changing, as new skyscrapers are being added on the western end of the Corniche road. Despite its efforts to diversify the economy and boost tourism, Abu Dhabi is a relatively expensive place for tourists with little to offer in terms of attractions and recreation activities.
01 Sheikh Zayed mosque 02 Sheikh Zayed mosque 03 Water mirror and columns 04 Columns reflected in pool
05 White dome 06 Water mirror and columns 07 Wall carvings 08 Courtyard
09 Main gate and inner court 10 Courtyard and minaret 11 Inner courtyard 12 Main prayer hall
13 Main prayer hall 14 Chandelier and cupola 15 Main prayer hall 16 Main prayer hall 17 Main prayer hall
18 Chandelier 19 Chandelier 20 Wall decorations 21 Wall decorations 22 Decorated glass window 23 Hall with glass window
24 Ornamental glass window 25 Carpet 26 Ornamental glass door 27 Ornamental glass door 28 Minaret 29 Minaret
30 Decorated columns 31 Colonnade 32 Columns at sunset 33 Sheikh Zayed grand mosque 34 Minaret
35 Sheikh Zayed mosque 36 Sheikh Zayed mosque 37 Sheikh Zayed mosque
38 Sheikh Zayed mosque 39 Sheikh Zayed mosque 40 Sheikh Zayed mosque
41 Minarets 42 Palm tree lined path 01 Yellow building 02 Mourouj hotel 03 Al Diar Palm hotel 04 Al Wahda shopping mall
05 Al Wahda shopping mall 06 The Landmark skyscraper 07 ADCO building 08 Al Raha mall
09 Aldar headquarters building 10 Aldar headquarters building 11 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre 12 Premier Inn, Liwa and AD One towers
13 Hotel buildings 14 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre 15 Centro Capital Centre hotel 16 Hotel buildings
17 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre 18 AD One tower 19 Hotel buildings 20 Holiday Inn hotel 21 Capital Gate building at night
22 Liwa tower at night 01 Promenade 02 Landmark and World Trade Center
03 Beach
04 Family beach 05 Promenade 06 Promenade and Landmark tower
07 Beach 08 Bougainvillea flowers and Landmark tower 09 Pedestrian subway staircase 10 Dhow boat mosaic
11 Pedestrian subway 12 Fountain 13 Fountain
14 Beach 15 Cyclists on promenade 16 Promenade
17 Beach 18 Street lamp 19 The Landmark skyscraper
20 Children playground and skyscrapers 21 Corniche road 01 Abu Dhabi theatre
02 Heritage village 03 Heritage village
04 Heritage village 05 Etihad towers and Emirates Palace hotel
06 Etihad towers 07 Etihad towers 08 Etihad towers 09 Etihad towers 10 View of Etihad towers from Emirates Palace hotel
11 Water fountain 12 Water fountain 13 Water fountain 14 Emirates Palace hotel
15 Emirates Palace hotel 16 Emirates Palace hotel 17 Emirates Palace hotel 18 Emirates Palace hotel
19 Emirates Palace hotel 20 Emirates Palace hotel 21 Street lanterns along Corniche 22 Flagpole and theatre 23 Marina shopping mall
01 Manarat al Saadiyat museum 02 Manarat al Saadiyat museum
03 Miniature model of Saadiyat island 04 Golf course
05 Panoramic view of public beach
06 Panoramic view of public beach
07 Bushes on public beach 08 Public beach
09 Public beach 10 Public beach
11 Public beach 12 Public beach
13 Panoramic view of public beach 14 Beach tennis area
01 Abu Dhabi skyline
02 Abu Dhabi skyline 03 The Landmark and Abu Dhabi World Trade Centre
04 Skyline at dusk
05 Skyline at night 06 Skyline at night
07 Skyline at night
01 Fish market 02 Fresh fish 03 Raw fish with vegetables and spices 04 Fish in aluminum foil 05 Fish kitchen
06 Barbecued fish 07 Barbecued fish 08 Fish kitchen 09 Grass
10 Ferrari World 11 Ferrari World 12 Ferrari World
13 Airport waiting hall 14 Airport waiting hall 15 Jet Airways airplane
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