The Saadiyat island lies northeast of Abu Dhabi and is connected by an 800 metres long bridge to the city. The island as a shape of an isosceles triangle, with sides of 10km. The island is quite flat and mostly sandy. Currently the island is being developed as a cultural and tourist centre. Art museums are being built at its western end (Guggenheim, Louvre), while the northern coast is being developed as a beach area for tourists. Currently there is a nice long white sand public beach (25 AED/person entry) near a Hyatt hotel under construction. The plan is to add a yacht harbour and residential villas.
01 Manarat al Saadiyat museum 02 Manarat al Saadiyat museum
03 Miniature model of Saadiyat island 04 Golf course
05 Panoramic view of public beach
06 Panoramic view of public beach
07 Bushes on public beach 08 Public beach
09 Public beach 10 Public beach
11 Public beach 12 Public beach
13 Panoramic view of public beach 14 Beach tennis area
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