07 Building C
Building C is located east of building B. It is an impressive round-oval building with a diameter of approximately 25m. Building C is the largest monumental building discovered in Gögekli Tepe so far. It can be dated to the pre-pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) and/or pre-pottery Neolithic B (PPNB). Building C was erected directly upon the artificially smoothed limestone bedrock and comprised three concentric walls, each from a different phase of the building. While the outer wall belongs to its oldest phase, the inner wall was erected in its youngest phase. The inner wall features a total of nine T-shaped pillars found in-situ, though the original number was probably higher. At the centre of the building two pedestals carved from the natural limestone bedrock hold a pair of much larger T-shaped monoliths. A narrow corridor (dromos) leading from the outer ring of the building could be a former entrance. The opening to the dromos is marked by a large U-shaped stone with the preserved sculpture of a predator on its western side.
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