The 'Royal city of the Lotus' is an important provincial capital on the Mun river, in the far east of Thailand not too far away from the border to Laos. The city was founded in the late 18th century by Lao immigrants, with support from the new kingdom of Siam. Ubon Ratchathani does not offer too much in term of attractions.
01 Sirindhom dam lake 02 Telephone booths 03 Chayangkun road 04 Cars and Thai schoolgirls 05 Motorcycles
06 Chayangkun road 07 Petrol station price board 08 Rice bags 09 Open air plants market 10 Entrance to trade fair
11 Golden Buddha statue 12 Buddhist temple 13 Buddhist temple 14 Pavilion 15 Tribunal
16 Gate to Tung Sri Muang park 17 Joggers in Tung Sri Muang park 18 People exercising in Tung Sri Muang park 19 Garuda image and boat 20 Golden decorated column
21 Garuda image 22 Golden statue with boat and Garuda image 23 Sunset 24 Bridge at sunset
25 River sunset view
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