The Mu Ko Similan National Marine Park was established in 1982 and consists of a group of nine granite islands in the Andaman sea. The Similan islands are one of the best areas in the world for diving and snorkeling. The island group extends for 24 km in north-south direction and is located 60 km to the west of Thailand's southwest coast. The beaches are very clean and consist of white coral sand.
01 Beach and boulders 02 Coast with boulders 03 Beach and boulders 04 Coast with boulders
05 Coast with boulders 06 Coast with boulders 07 Beach 08 Boulder on hill
09 Boulders and beach 10 Boulders and beach 11 Beach 12 Bay with beach and boat
13 Fish 14 Fish 15 White coral sand beach 16 White coral sand beach 17 White coral sand beach
18 White coral sand beach 19 White coral sand beach 20 White coral sand beach 21 Fishing boat being repaired
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