A selection of pictures of the Rai Leh peninsula (also known as Rai Lay or Railay), with its scenic beaches and rock formations. Rai Leh lies in the Andaman sea near Krabi and can only be reached by boat. The Rai Leh west, Rai Leh east and Phra Nang beaches are separated by stretches of jungle and rock formations. It is possible to walk from beach to beach along paths. A colony of monkeys lives in the jungle between the beaches.
Of these beaches the best is Phra Nang and only this one is really suitable for swimming. In Rai Leh east it is impossible to swim, as the water is very shallow. Rai Lay east is where the boats from Krabi arrive. At low tide the boats stop about 100 meters from the beach and tourists have to walk in the mud, passing by the mangroves, to reach the beach.
Ao Tonsai is a more secluded beach to the north of Rai Leh west. It can be reached either by boat, or by walking at low tide along the beach and at high tide through a narrow and steep path connecting Rai Leh west and Ao Tonsai.
00 Rai Leh and Ao Nang map 01 Mangroves on Rai Leh east beach 02 Mangroves on Rai Leh east beach 03 Rai Leh east beach 04 Rai Leh east beach
05 Rai Leh east beach 06 Monkey 07 Monkey 08 Monkey with baby 09 Phallus shrine next to Phra Nang beach
10 Phra Nang beach 11 Phra Nang beach 12 Phra Nang beach 13 Phra Nang beach 14 Phra Nang beach
15 Phra Nang beach 16 Phra Nang beach 17 Sunset on Phra Nang beach 18 Rai Leh west beach
19 Rai Leh west beach 20 Rai Leh west beach 21 Rai Leh west beach 22 Rai Leh west beach 23 Ao Tonsai beach
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