As there were no direct flights from KL to Krabi I used to fly from KL to Hat Yai in Southern Thailand and from there take the minibus to Krabi - total travel time was about six hours. Malaysian Airlines has discontinued the KL-Hat Yai route since then.
Many tourists use Krabi as a springboard to the nearby islands and beaches (Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Rai Leh etc.), although Krabi is a lot more than just a travel gateway. It's a pleasant laid back southern Thai town with many hotels and restaurants. In the evenings many fruit stalls and food stalls open, giving the traveller a catering alternative to the local restaurants.
The Krabi river flows through Krabi and is bordered by mangroves and limestone formations. In the river there are fish farms. At the northern tip of Rai Leh east beach there is a beautiful cave with impressive stalagmites and stalactites.
01 KL international airport - KLIA 02 Flying to Hat Yai 03 Arriving in Hat Yai international airport 04 Krabi - the boat pier
05 Krabi fruit stalls 06 Krabi fruit stalls 07 Krabi fruit stalls 08 Mangroves
09 Mangroves 10 Krabi river 11 Krabi river 12 Krabi river 13 Krabi river
14 Mangroves 15 Fish farm in Krabi river 16 Fish farm in Krabi river 17 Krabi fishermen 18 Cave in Rai Leh area
19 Cave in Rai Leh area 20 Cave in Rai Leh area 21 From Rai Leh to Krabi in the evening 22 From Rai Leh to Krabi in the evening
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