Here you'll find a selection of pictures of the Fossile Shell cemetery near Krabi. 45 million years ago, in the tertiary age, the Fossile Shell Cemetery near Ban Laem Pho was a large freshwater swamp populated by millions of snails. The dead snails fell to the bottom of the swamp, forming layers of dead snails which over time fossilised. Weather changes made the swamp disappear, but the layer of fossilised snail shells (40 cm thick) remained and is now visible as big rock sheets.
The Fossile Shell Cemetery can be reached by boat of minibus from Krabi.
01 Fossil shell cemetery 02 Rock detail 03 Fossilised shells 04 Rock detail
05 Fossilised shells 06 Fossil shell cemetery 07 Fossil shell cemetery 08 Fossil shell cemetery
09 Fossil shell cemetery 10 Fossil shell cemetery 11 Crab 12 Crab
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