Ao Mae Nam is a quiet, clean beach in the north of Koh Samui, good for swimming and relaxing. It is less developed than the other major beaches on Samui and is mostly suited for people who just want to relax. The sand however is of the coarse, yellowish-brown type and the sea water is not crystal clear.
01 Coconut palms fringed beach 02 Sand, coconut and seawater 03 Palm trees on beach 04 Coconut palms fringed beach 05 Coconut palms fringed beach
06 Palm trees on beach 07 Palm trees and beach bungalows 08 Tourists arriving with ferry boat 09 Mae Nam beach 10 Beach and canoe
11 Restaurant tables 12 Beach and coconut palm trees 13 Mae Nam beach 14 Mae Nam beach 15 Mae Nam beach
16 Mae Nam beach 17 Catamaran on beach
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