Khao Lak (in Thai: เขาหลัก) is an area on southern Thailand's Andaman sea coast about 60 km north of Phuket with a long sandy beach and several beach resorts. It is centered around the village of Ban Khao Lak and extends to the north until the town of Takua Pa and to the sputh until the Thai Mueang district. The coast here is mostly flat and consists of a long sandy beach interrupted every now and then by river estuaries. The sand colour is orange-beige and the sea water is not too clear, mainly due to all the river estuaries. Khao Lak is an access point to the Similan islands, a group of islands about 60km off the coast. To the north of Khao Lak lies the Khao Sok national park. The nearest airports are those in Phuket to the south and Surat Thani to the east.
01 Beach 02 Beach chairs and coconut palms
03 Panoramic view of beach
04 Panoramic view of beach 05 Panoramic view of beach
06 Panoramic view of beach 07 Green leaves 08 Panoramic view of beach
09 Beach and sea 10 Beach and sea 11 Beach near estuary
12 Estuary 13 Beach and sea 14 Beach and sea
15 Beach and sea 16 Panoramic view of beach
17 Panoramic view of beach 18 Beach restaurants 19 Beach of Marriott resort
20 Beach at dusk 01 Shops and restaurants 02 Colourful boards 03 Pavement and shops
04 Pavement and shops 05 Shops at night 06 Flip-flops and beachwear
07 Main street at night 01 Surat Thani airport
02 Apsaras beach resort 03 Beige lizard 04 Swimming pool
05 Swimming pool 06 River estuary 07 Fish eating leg skin
08 Fish eating leg skin 09 Fish eating leg skin 10 Rubber tree plantation 11 Pond 12 Pond
13 Apsaras beach resort
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