Tainan is a city located along the western coast in southern Taiwan. It is Taiwan fourth largest city and its oldest, having been founded by the Dutch in 1634 with the establishment of Fort Zeelandia. The city was taken over by the Chinese in 1661. In 1683 it became part of China under the Ming dinasty and was made the capital of Taiwan. Being the oldest city in Taiwan, Tainan has plently of historic sights, most of them old temples. The historic core of Tainan lies to the west of the train station and can be easily explored on foot.
01 Entrance 02 View of the central compound 03 Central hall
04 Inner court with Central Hall 05 Roof of Central Hall 06 Inside the central compound
07 Inside the Central Hall 08 Altar in Central Hall 09 Central Hall doors 10 Door to the central compound 01 Statue of Dutch surrender to Koxinga forces in Chihkan towers 02 Chihkan towers garden
03 Chihkan towers 04 Chihkan towers 05 Chihkan towers 06 Red bus 07 Far Eastern department store 08 Christian church
09 National museum of Taiwan literature 10 Obese dog 11 Butokuden martial arts hall 12 Street with shops
13 South gate 14 South gate 15 Christian church 01 Main entrance 02 Temple roof 03 Flower bouquet
04 Altar 05 Ornamental weapon replicas 06 Praying woman 07 Praying woman 08 Statues of Chinese gods
09 Wish pagoda lights 01 Matsu temple altar 02 Matsu temple 03 Matsu temple 04 Matsu temple
05 Matsu temple 06 Dongyue temple 07 Incense pot in Dongyue temple 08 Dongyue temple statues 09 People praying in Dongyue temple
10 Statues of Chinese gods in Dongyue temple 11 City God temple 12 City God temple 13 Board with Chinese characters in City God temple
14 Boards with Chinese characters in City God temple 15 Bust of Chinese god in City God temple 16 Woman praying in City God temple 17 Wish pagoda lights in City God temple 01 Night market scene
02 Food stalls 03 People eating hawker food 04 Fried peas 05 Ruwei braised food 06 Grilled oysters
07 Chicken feet 08 Yellow tomatoes 09 Stall selling screw snails 10 Fried chicken feet
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