Located on the busy Zhongshan road, the Chenghuang temple (城隍廟) is where newly-appointed mandarins would pray and make offerings before assuming office. Opposite to the Kinmen hall lies the Wende temple, which was built in 1730 and is dedicated to the god Wen Fu Wang Yeh. After being damaged in an earthquake in 1921 the temple has been restored. The Kinmen hall was built in 1787 as a temple and gathering place for people who came from the same place.
01 Chenghuang temple 02 Chenghuang temple 03 Chenghuang temple 04 Chenghuang temple 05 Wende temple 06 Wende temple
07 Wende temple inner hall 08 Wende temple main altar 09 Kinmen hall 10 Kinmen hall
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