With a history dating back to 10000 BC Damascus is the is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It is currently the capital of Syria and its largest city (population: 1.7 million inhabitants). Damascus lies in southwestern Syria in a flat area close to the Anti-Lebanon mountains. While the area around it has been inhabited since 10000 BC, Damascus first became a significant city with the arrival of the Aramaeans. In 64 BC Damascus became part of the Roman empire. The city achieved the peak of its power and prestige when it became the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate, between 661 and 750. In the 12th century Damascus became again briefly the capital of an independent state. Damascus has an interesting old town rich in historical sights, centered around the magnificent Umayyad mosque. In its Christian quarter lie several Christian churches. The city can be comfortably explored on foot in a couple of days.
01 Roman temple of Jupiter arch 02 Minaret of Qat Bey 03 Bab al-Barid square 04 Fountain on Bab al-Barid square 05 Pilgrims exiting mosque after noon prayer 06 Pilgrims exiting mosque after noon prayer
07 Minaret of Qat Bey 08 Bab as-Saat gate 09 Pilgrims resting in inner court 10 Dome and transept facade with golden mosaics 11 Inner court and colonnade
12 Transept northern gate 13 Inner court and colonnade 14 Ablution fountain 15 Inner court and colonnade 16 Inner court and colonnade
17 Inner court and transept 18 Transept facade with golden mosaics 19 Mosque interior 20 Chandeliers 21 Decorated pillar
22 Chandelier 23 Mosque interior central part 24 Cupola 25 Mosaic on Bab as-Saat gate 26 Arch
27 Arches 28 Inner court and colonnade at dusk 29 Inner court and colonnade at dusk 30 Minaret of Qat Bey at night 31 Jesus minaret 32 Transept, dome and minaret at night
33 Rear gate 34 Night view of mosque 01 Citadel walls 02 Bronze statue of Saladin
03 Bronze statue of Saladin 04 Traditional tea seller 05 Citadel walls 06 Citadel walls 07 Bakdash ice cream parlour 08 Bakdash ice cream parlour
09 Roman temple of Jupiter ruins at night 10 Roman temple of Jupiter ruins at night 11 Roman temple of Jupiter ruins at night 12 Souvenir and handicraft shop 13 Alley behind mosque
14 Plate with Arabic text 15 Roman arch 16 Roman arch 17 Strawberry and Boysenberry juice sellers 18 Bread and pastries
19 Story teller cafe 20 Pita bread 21 Traditional Syrian furniture shop 22 Al Fathiyeh madrasah Quran school 23 Decorated building facade
24 Narrow alley 25 Dried fruits and spices shop 26 Dried fruits and spices 27 Traditional houses 28 Traditional houses 29 Traditional houses
30 Handicraft shop 31 Ancient Roman arch 32 Men playing backgammon 33 Playing backgammon
34 Wood and mother of pearl Syrian backgammon game 35 Street 36 Door decoration 37 Al-Arishah mosque 01 Statue of general Yusuf Al-Azmah
02 Mosque 03 Commercial bank of Syria 04 Al-Hijaz railway station 05 Al-Hijaz railway station
06 Ornamental building 07 Palm tree lined street 08 Ornamental metal door 09 Bridge and fountain on Merje square 10 Colonial era building on Merje square
11 Randa Palace hotel 12 Ministry of Justice 01 Street view of church 02 Silver dome
03 Silver dome 04 Gate detail with cross 05 Front view of facade 06 Metal door to church 07 Armenian martyrdom monument 08 Armenian martyrdom monument - cross
09 Altar 10 Main altar detail 11 Church interior 12 Church interior 13 Altar
14 Cupola 01 Christian church 02 Bell tower 03 Melkite Greek Orthodox church 04 Melkite Greek Orthodox church 05 Syriac Catholic church facade
06 Syriac Catholic church - bronze door 07 Syriac Catholic church - door and busts 08 Syriac Catholic church inner court 09 Syriac Catholic church and fountain 10 Syriac Catholic church - door detail
11 Syriac Catholic church - bust 12 Christian church 13 St Paul Franciscan church 14 St Paul Franciscan church 15 St Paul Franciscan church interior
01 Panoramic view of Damascus at night 02 Panoramic view of Damascus at night
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