The old city of Damascus is enclosed by city walls and is approx. 1.5km long and 1km wide. It contains a number of historical buildings, of which the Umayyad mosque is the most important. To its northwest lies the Damascus citadel, a fortified defensive structure built in 1202 AD. The Christian quarter with many Christian churches occupies the southeastern part of the old town. The old town is criss-crossed by a maze of narrow alleys. The Street called Straight (Via Recta in Latin) is the Roman street that runs from east to west in the old city. It was visited by St. Paul as recorded in the book of Acts and contains several interesting sights from the Roman, Christian and Islamic periods.
01 Citadel walls 02 Bronze statue of Saladin 03 Bronze statue of Saladin 04 Traditional tea seller
05 Citadel walls 06 Citadel walls 07 Bakdash ice cream parlour 08 Bakdash ice cream parlour 09 Roman temple of Jupiter ruins at night
10 Roman temple of Jupiter ruins at night 11 Roman temple of Jupiter ruins at night 12 Souvenir and handicraft shop 13 Alley behind mosque 14 Plate with Arabic text
15 Roman arch 16 Roman arch 17 Strawberry and Boysenberry juice sellers 18 Bread and pastries 19 Story teller cafe
20 Pita bread 21 Traditional Syrian furniture shop 22 Al Fathiyeh madrasah Quran school 23 Decorated building facade 24 Narrow alley 25 Dried fruits and spices shop
26 Dried fruits and spices 27 Traditional houses 28 Traditional houses 29 Traditional houses 30 Handicraft shop
31 Ancient Roman arch 32 Men playing backgammon 33 Playing backgammon 34 Wood and mother of pearl Syrian backgammon game
35 Street 36 Door decoration 37 Al-Arishah mosque
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