With 380000 inhabitants Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It lies in the German speaking part of the country on the northern end of the lake of Zürich in the north of Switzerland. Zurich is the most important economic and cultural centre of Switzerland. It is considered as one of the cities with the world's highest living standard and highest cost of living. Zurich dates back to Roman times, became a city in the early middle ages and later joined the Swiss confederation in the 14th century. Ulrich Zwingli started the Swiss reformation at the beginning of the 16th century while preaching at the Grossmünster. The largest economic sector of Zurich is that of the financial services. The airport of Zurich is the most important airport of Switzerland.
01 Metropol building 02 Metropol building 03 Metropol building 04 Grossmunster 05 Guild house Zunft zur Meisen
06 Munster bridge and Grossmunster 07 Grossmunster towers 08 Grossmunster towers 09 Grossmunster red tower 10 Grossmunster 11 Grossmunster
12 Munstergasse alley 13 Munstergasse alley 14 Napf square and fountain 15 Napf square and Brunnenturm tower 16 Brunnenturm tower 17 Rindermarkt alley
18 Rindermarkt alley and Oepfelchammer restaurant 19 Stussihofstatt with fountain memorial 20 Stussihofstatt alley 21 Stussihofstatt fountain 22 Stussihofstatt fountain statue 23 Hirschen square
01 Ferris wheel 02 Panoramic view of waterfront
03 Waterfront and pier 04 Blue flowers 05 General Guisan road
06 Panoramic view of waterfront 07 Ferris wheel 08 Quai bridge and Grossmunster
09 Waterfront and piers 10 Waterfront 11 Waterfront 12 Eden au lac hotel
13 Uto waterfront and boats 14 Artistic roller skater 15 Artistic roller skater 16 Artistic roller skater 17 Artistic roller skaters
18 Limmat river and town hall 19 Town hall 20 Limmat waterfront with town hall and bridge
21 Limmat river 22 Limmat river waterfront 01 Hotel Cafe Central 02 Train station
03 Souvenir shop 04 Railway station 05 Schweizerhof hotel 06 Schweizerhof hotel 07 Bahnhof street 08 Yendi apparel store
09 Feldpausch apparel store 10 Feldpausch apparel store 11 Bahnhof street 12 Bahnhof street 13 Clock tower of St Peter church 14 Fraumunster abbey clock tower
15 Fraumunster abbey 16 Ornamental gate 17 Grossmunster towers 18 Limmat river
19 Stadthaus waterfront 20 Fraumunster abbey 21 Stadthaus 22 Grossmunster 01 Airport hall
02 Airport hall 03 Airport hall 04 Sunset and planes 05 Sunset and planes
06 Duty free shop
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