Zurich has an interesting and well-preserved old city. This extends on both banks of the Limmat, the river which drains the lake of Zurich. On the right bank of the Limmat are the old town hall, the Grossmünster in romanesque style, the guild houses on the Limmat waterfront and several other buildings from the past centuries. On the left bank of the Limmat there are a number of churches and the fashionable Bahnhofstrasse shopping street.
01 Metropol building 02 Metropol building 03 Metropol building 04 Grossmunster 05 Guild house Zunft zur Meisen
06 Munster bridge and Grossmunster 07 Grossmunster towers 08 Grossmunster towers 09 Grossmunster red tower 10 Grossmunster 11 Grossmunster
12 Munstergasse alley 13 Munstergasse alley 14 Napf square and fountain 15 Napf square and Brunnenturm tower 16 Brunnenturm tower 17 Rindermarkt alley
18 Rindermarkt alley and Oepfelchammer restaurant 19 Stussihofstatt with fountain memorial 20 Stussihofstatt alley 21 Stussihofstatt fountain 22 Stussihofstatt fountain statue 23 Hirschen square
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