Rue de la Confederation is a former street turned into a pedestrian area close to the waterfront of Geneva. It is a popular shopping area and contains a large number of fashionable and upmarket shops, stores and malls. There is a tram line passing through it.
01 Apparel shop 02 Stuffed toys shop 03 Apparel shop 04 Diesel apparel outlet 05 Shops in pedestrian area
06 Douglas perfume shop 07 H&M and Swatch stores 08 H&M store 09 H&M and Swatch stores 10 Collet watches shop 11 Bongenie apparel store
12 Tram 13 Bakery 14 Confederation mall 15 Fontaine jewellery
16 Apparel store 17 Tram rails in pedestrian area 18 Pedestrian area
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