The Barrio de Santa Cruz is the ancient Jewish quarter of Sevilla. Located on the eastern bank of the Guadalquivir river, Santa Cruz extends to the east and encompasses several significant buildings and the tourist area of Sevilla with its alleys and restaurants. The cathedral of Sevilla was built between 1401 and 1519 on the site of a former mosque of the Almohad dynasty. La Giralda, a former minaret converted to a bell tower, is a famous landmark in Sevilla. The Real Alcazar is a royal residence built on the site of the palace of the Almoahd rulers.
01 Cathedral 02 La Giralda bell tower 03 Cathedral 04 Cathedral 05 Cathedral
06 Horse carriages on Plaza del Triunfo 07 Plaza del Triunfo - fountain 08 Plaza del Triunfo 09 Plaza del Triunfo 10 Santa Cruz church facade 11 Cupola of Santa Cruz church
12 Peregil tavern 13 La Moderna restaurant 14 La Moderna restaurant 15 Giralda pub brewery 16 Cathedral
17 Cathedral 18 Palacio Arzobispal at night 19 Palacio Arzobispal at night 20 Cathedral
21 Plaza del Triunfo 22 La Giralda bell tower
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