The Escorial has an austere layout, with the shape of rectangle sized 224m by 153m. At each corner of the complex there is a square tower topped by a spire. South and west of the complex is a set of gardens, with hedges carefully set up in geometric patterns. The cupola of the basilica of San Lorenzo el Real dominates the Escorial complex.
01 El Escorial palace 02 El Escorial palace 03 El Escorial palace 04 El Escorial palace
05 Roof detail 06 Front view of El Escorial 07 Front view of El Escorial
08 Front view of El Escorial
09 Open space in front of El Escorial 10 Buildings on Juan de Borbon street
11 Escorial gardens 12 Escorial gardens 13 Tangerine tree 14 San Lorenzo church with cupola
15 Escorial gardens 16 Rear view of El Escorial 17 Tower
18 Escorial gardens 19 Escorial gardens
20 Northern view of El Escorial 21 Refectory facade
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