The old town of Cordoba extends around the Mezquita along the northern bank of the Guadalquivir river. It's an area with buildings from the Middle Ages, with narrow alleys and white-washed houses and palaces. The former Jewish quarter lies to the west of the Mezquita. Remnants of the Roman era are the Roman bridge built across the Guadalquivir river in the early first century BC and the Roman temple which was built between 41 and 96 AD. The alleys around the Mezquita are full of restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.
01 Narrow street 02 Alley with white houses 03 Guadalquivir river 04 Roman bridge 05 Alley with hotels
06 Alley with hotels 07 Roman temple columns 08 Roman temple columns 09 Gate to San Pablo church 10 Plaza de la Corredera square
11 Plaza de la Corredera square 12 Plaza de la Corredera square 13 Communist party of Andalusia
14 Church gate 15 Throwing rice on married couple 16 Statue of angel on pillar 17 Horse carriage with tourists 18 Church portal 19 Street cafe
20 Restaurants in Conde street 21 Jewish quarter 22 Synagogue 23 Alley with restaurants 24 Alley with restaurants 25 Alley with hotels
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