Placa de Catalunya is perhaps the major square of Barcelona. It is located in the centre of the city, where the old town and the Eixample district meet. It was set up around 1900 after the medieval city walls were demolished at the end of the 19th century. The square is very large and connects several important streets and avenues of Barcelona. At the time of visiting, in June 2011, student demonstrations were taking place on the square.
01 Placa Catalunya square 02 El Corte Ingles department store 03 Placa Catalunya 04 El Triangle mall
05 Placa Catalunya square 06 Placa Catalunya and Casa Terrades 07 Neoclassical building 08 Banco Vitalicio building
09 Neoclassical building on Las Ramblas 10 Neoclassical building on Las Ramblas 11 Fountain and Casa Terrades 12 Door 13 Casa Terrades 14 Casa Terrades
15 Tents 16 Placa Catalunya square 17 Peaceful demonstration
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