Postojna is a small city of 9000 inhabitants in the Slovenian mountains, located 45 km southwest of Ljubljana. It lies along the motorway, about halfway between Ljubljana and the coast. The main reason to visit Ljubljana is the cave system, a 24km long karst cave which was created by the Pivka river. The city itself, while unremarkable, is clean and pleasant with hotels, shops and restaurants.
The Postojna cave is two million years old, but was first described in the 17th century by the historian Johann Weikhard von Valvasor. It was prepared in 1818 for the visit of Francis I, the first emperor of the Austria-Hungarian empire. After that the cave became a popular tourist destination. Cave rails were added in 1872, electric lighting in 1884.
Visitors enter the cave in groups, according to language, and visit the cave with a guide. An electric train brings visitors 3.7km into the mountain, after which the tourists walk for about an hour and a half along a defined 5 km long trail. The temperature in the caves lies between 8°C and 10°C the whole year. Inside the cave system there are spectacular rock formations (stalactites, stalagmites etc).
How to get to Postojna
Postojna can be easily reached by car. It also has a train station with connections to Ljubljana. The closest airport is the one in Ljubljana.
Being a major tourist destination in Slovenia, Postojna has a number of accomodation options (hotels, apartments etc.), most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Republic of Slovenia administrative unit 02 Municipality building 03 St Stephen church 04 Pivka river 05 Cave entrance and administrative building
06 Cave entrance and administrative building 07 Electric train to cave interior 08 Cave passage 09 Cave passage 10 Postojna cave
11 Postojna cave 12 Stalagmites 13 Stalagmites 14 Cave passage 15 Big mountain hall
16 Big mountain hall 17 Big mountain hall 18 Stalactites 19 Rock formations in Postojna cave
20 Stalactites 21 Stalactites 22 Stalactites 23 Rock formations in Postojna cave 24 Postojna cave
25 Postojna cave 26 Postojna cave 27 Postojna cave 28 Rock formations in Postojna cave 29 Pillar rock formations 30 Postojna cave
31 Pillar rock formations 32 Straws stalactites 33 Stalagmites 34 Tourists in Postojna cave 35 Rock formations in Postojna cave
36 Rock formations in Postojna cave 37 Drapery stalactites 38 Pillar rock formations 39 Postojna cave 40 Concert hall area
41 Concert hall area 42 Stalactites 43 Cafe restaurant 44 Hotel Jama 45 St Catherine church
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