Bled is a small city in northern Slovenia, 50km northwest of Ljubljana and only a few km south of the border to Austria. The main reason to visit the city is tbe beaufiful lake and the easy access to the Triglav national park, which covers almost all of the Slovenian section of the Julian alps and contains the 2864m high Mt Triglav.
Bled itself is a beautiful small city in a very photogenic setting. Adjacent to the lake there is a very well maintained city park from which a trail around the lake starts.
The 11th century Bled castle is located on a rocky outcrop above the Bled lake. It is nowaways completely restored and open for tourists. It offers great views of the lake.
The 16th century Assumption of Mary pilgrimage church is located on a small island in the middle of lake Bled. It can be only reached by boat.
How to get to Bled
The closest airport is the one in Ljubljana, 35km southeast of Bled. Otherwise it is possible to reach Bled by car or by train.
There are a number of hotels and other accomocation options, in and around Bled, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
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