Southeast of the citadel there is an area with mostly Neoclssical era buildings built mostly over the past 200 years. There is no older buildings in Belgrade, because Belgrad was destroyed several times over the centuries during wars. Kneza Mihaila is a beautiful pedestrian area with shops and cafes.
01 Krsmanovic house 02 Building in Kralja Petra street 03 Gracanicka street with Tika office 04 Restaurant with red umbrellas
05 Pariska street crossing 06 Kneza Mihaila pedestrian area 07 House of the national assembly
08 House of the national assembly 09 Constitutional court 10 National museum
11 National museum 12 National theater 13 University of Belgrade
14 University of Belgrade 15 Student park 16 Ornamental facade 17 Kneza Mihaila pedestrian area
18 Kneza Mihaila pedestrian area 19 Kneza Mihaila pedestrian area 20 Kneza Mihaila pedestrian area 21 Ornamental facade 22 Neoclassical building
23 Neoclassical building
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