The Belgrade fortress lies northwest of the historic core of Belgrade on a hill overlooking the Sava and Danube rivers. It consists of the old citadel and the Kalemegdan park. Inside the compound there is an area surrounded by walls and some museums (the Torture museum and the Military museum). From the fortress walls there is a nice view over the rivers and the plains.
01 Stambol gate with clock tower 02 Cannon 03 Cannons 04 Kalemegdan park at sunset 05 Kalemegdan park at sunset
06 St Michael church and clock tower 07 Beer garden 08 History pavilion 09 Souvenir stalls 10 Souvenir stalls
11 Zindan gate 12 Zindan gate 13 Zindan gate
14 Fortress wall 15 Climbing the walls 16 Pobednik statue 17 Zindan gate 18 Wedding couple and photographer
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