Thee Ain (ذي عين in Arabic), also known as Dhi Ayn or Zee Ain is a village located in the Al Bahah region of Saudi Arabia, 30 km south of Al Bahah. It is situated in the mountains at an altitude of 1985m and is known for its characteristic stone architecture. It consists of 49 houses built with polished stone, 9 of which are composed of one floor, 19 from two floors, 11 from three floors and 10 from four floors, and a mosque. Thee Ain is 400 years old and finally was abandoned 40 years ago.
Around the village there is a small oasis with palm trees and other plants. In the past the cultivated area probably was larger.
How to get to Thee Ain
The simplest way to reach Thee Ain is to drive by car from Al Bahah (35 min / 33km). Next to the village there is a large parking area.
The closest place with hotels is the city of Al Bahah (hotels bookable via the international booking portals).
01 Thee Ain 02 Thee Ain 03 Thee Ain 04 Ancient building
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