Al Soudah is a popular mountain area located near Abha in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia. It is known for its picturesque landscapes, dense juniper tree covered mountains, cool weather, and stunning views. The area is part of the Asir National Park, which is a protected natural reserve and one of the most important environmental sites in the country. There are a number of trails for different skill levels and a cable car. Due to the altitude around 3000m the area is relatively fresh compared to the rest of Saudi Arabia. The Jabal Sawda mountain reaches an elevation of 3133m, making it the highest point in Saudi Arabia.
How to get to Al Souda
There is a good road from Abha to Al Souda (30km/33 min. until the 360° viewpoint) and beyond. The road from the 360° viewpoint to Rijal Alma is steep and with many curves, as it descends about 1500m in few km.
There are many hotels and other accomodation options in Abha, but also some in the mountain area around Sawda, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 National center for environmental compliance 02 Jabal Sawda mountain
03 Jabal Sawda mountain 04 Jabal Sawda mountain
05 Sawda 06 Sawda 07 Sawda
08 Jabal Sawda mountain 09 Juniper trees 10 Juniper trees 11 Baboon 12 Telecommunications tower
13 Al Soudah national park 14 Al Souda mountain range 15 Al Souda mountain range
16 Al Souda mountain range 17 Al Soudah national park 18 Baboon 19 Road 214 to Rijal Alma 20 Al Soudah viewpoint 360
21 Al Souda mountain range 22 Road 214 to Rijal Alma 23 Al Souda mountain range 24 Al Soudah national park
25 Road 214 to Rijal Alma 26 Al Souda mountain range
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