Shaqra is a small town with 35000 inhabitants, located 180km northwest of Riyadh in the Saudi Arabian desert. The main reason to visit Shaqra is its well preserved historical centre with many restored buildings in traditional style. This features traditional buildings made of mud and clay, many of them dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The historic center is known for its distinctive architectural style, which includes narrow alleys, high walls, and ornate wooden doors and windows.
Large sections of the old town of Shaqra consist of destroyed dried mud houses, but some traditional houses such as the Al Jomaih, Al-Efan and Subaie house have been restored and are open for tourists. Shaqra is one of the nicer heritage villages north of Riyadh.
The modern part of Shaqra extends south of the historic centre.
How to get to Shaqra
The simplest way to reach Shaqra is to drive by car from Riyadh (about a two hours drive). Shaqra lies conveniently along the route leading from Riyadh to Ha'il and Al Ula.
In Shaqra there is a limited number of hotels and other accomodation options bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Al Muhanna mosque 02 Al Muhanna mosque 03 Al Muhanna mosque 04 Al Muhanna mosque 05 Alley in Shaqra
06 Alley in Shaqra 07 Alley in Shaqra 08 Shaqra 09 Shop doors 10 Old town gate
11 Old town square 12 Old town square 13 Three doors
14 Old town square 15 Old town square 16 Alley in Shaqra 17 Alley in Shaqra
18 Restored old house 19 Panoramic view of old town
20 Heritage house 21 Heritage house 22 Heritage house 23 Heritage house 24 Square with cannon
25 Old mosque inner court 26 Dried mud house ruins 27 Shaqra old town 28 Al Jomaih house
29 Panoramic view of old town 30 White roof decorations 31 Staircase to rooftop
32 Panoramic view of old town 33 Panoramic view of old town
34 Al Jomaih traditional house 35 Al Jomaih traditional house 36 Roof of Al Jomaih house 37 Room in Al Jomaih house
38 Square with palm trees 39 Shaqra 40 Al-Efan house 41 View from Al-Efan house
42 Gate of Mobilish heritage house 43 Fountain well 44 Old town square 45 Almajlis souq 46 Old town ruins at dusk
47 Old town ruins at dusk 48 Old mosque 49 Old mosque inner court 50 Old mosque inner court 51 Old mosque inner court
52 Old mosque 53 Old mosque 54 Old town ruins at dusk 55 Almajlis souq 56 Almajlis souq
57 Al-Sulaimi Heritage House hotel
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