Najran is a relatively large city of 5000000 inhabitants located about 900km south of Riyadh, not far from the border to Yemen. Najran is located in a valley surrounded by mountains at 1293m of altitude, in the centre of an oasis which extends for about 30km from southwest to northeast and ends in the Rub' al Khali desert.
Najran has been inhabited for thousands of years and has witnessed the rise and fall of several civilisations. It was a significant centre for trade and commerce along ancient caravan routes connecting Arabia, Yemen, and other regions.
There are two picturesque palaces in Najran worth visiting: the Amarah palace in the centre of the city and the Aan palace a bit to the west of the city centre, both in traditional south Arabian / Yemeni architecture. The Amarah palace is open in the afternoons for tourists and is free of charge. The Raum castle is on a hill to the west of Najran.
The archaeological site of Al-Ukhdūd lies to the east of the city centre and has a museum building and an open air site with ruins, built between the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD (Kingdom of Ḥimyar period).
How to get to Najran
Najran has an airport with flights to regional destinations. It can also be easily reached by car.
Najran has a number of hotels, bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Al Ukhdud museum 02 Al Ukhdud archaeological site
03 Al Ukhdud archaeological site 04 Street in Najran
05 Amarah palace 06 Amarah palace 07 Amarah palace
08 Amarah palace 09 Saudi men in front of Amarah palace 10 Street with traditional houses 11 Kabab restaurant 12 Vegetables market
13 Vegetables market 14 Amarah palace 15 Amarah palace 16 Amarah palace
17 Amarah palace 18 Amarah palace 19 Amarah palace 20 Amarah palace 21 Amarah palace
22 Amarah palace 23 Amarah palace 24 Amarah palace 25 Amarah palace
26 Amarah palace 27 Amarah palace 28 Amarah palace
29 Amarah palace 30 Amarah palace
31 Street with traditional houses 32 Traditional house 33 Traditional house
34 Aan palace 35 Aan palace 36 Aan palace 37 Aan palace 38 Aan palace
39 Aan palace 40 Aan palace 41 Aan palace 42 Goats
43 Aan palace 44 Aan palace
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